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The Wallpaper Experts You Can Count On

At Sergio’s Painting, we do more than paint homes and businesses. We’re also wallpapering experts, and we’re ready to serve you. Whether you have old wallpaper that needs to be removed or would like to have stylish new wallpaper installed in your home or business, we are the name to trust. Our team is highly experienced in working with wallpapers of different styles, sizes, and textures. We’ve seen and done it all, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality results.

The first step in wallpaper installation is choosing the right wallpaper. There are more options today than ever, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry. The team at Sergio’s is ready to help you select the perfect wallpaper. A variety of exciting patterns, materials, and textures is available. Foil wallpaper is flashy and sublime, and fiberglass wallpaper offers interesting textures and finishes. There are natural wallpapers and many simple options too.

After selecting the wallpaper of your choice, Sergio’s Painting will get to work. It’s crucial to prime the walls before installing wallpaper, so our team will assess yours to see what needs to be done. If there’s already wallpaper installed, we will take the necessary steps to carefully remove it. If the walls are just painted, we will prime them so that they are smooth and ready for wallpaper.

There’s an art to installing wallpaper properly. Laypeople try to do it and end up with less-than-satisfying results all the time. Our team knows how to install wallpaper so that it looks terrific right from the start. Careful measurements and a lot of patience result in stunning wallpaper installation every time.

Perhaps you’d like to have old wallpaper removed. Attempting to use a scoring tool yourself can cause serious damage to the walls, and repairing that damage can be very costly. Why not let Sergio’s do it instead? We know how to remove wallpaper of all kinds. Once the wallpaper is delicately removed, the underlying paste is removed too. We will then seal the walls so that they are smooth and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Before you know it, the job will be done.

For all your painting, installations, and carpentry needs, give us a call at 203-855-8747 today!

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269 Strawberry Hill Ave
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